Retire smiling with purpose and meaning

The happiest retirees are those that live a life full of purpose and meaning.

Retirement gives you the opportunity to do and see all of those things you have been putting off for years, however its important you also consider how you will fill your days when you are home.

The happiest retirees are those that have developed hobbies and pastimes that give them purpose and meaning in retirement so that they remain mentally and physically active.

Often our jobs provide mental stimulation and social interaction which needs to be replaced in retirement. At different times over your working life work has challenged you mentally and physically, it has given you a sense of achievement – of self-worth – and it has provided social interaction.

How will you replace this in retirement?

For some it may be volunteering for a cause that is important to you and your community. For others it is diving deeper into a hobby or pastime you have been squeezing into your spare time while you were working.

Some may even continue to work part-time somewhere in a job where they can switch off come knock-off time.

It’s also important to consider how retirement will affect your relationship with your life Partner. Perhaps until now while you have both been at work during the day, you have shared your work stories with each other over dinner. Now, you may be both hanging around the house a lot more. You will have more time together but maybe less new things to talk about.

How will you ensure your relationship doesn’t suffer because you have stopped work?

Is there a bucket list of things you can finally plan and do together, so your retirement years are full of fun and adventure?

At the same time can you support each other’s wishes to spend time pursuing your own hobbies and pastimes?

Planned correctly, your retirement can be the most rewarding part of your life. Your success in retirement could depend largely on how well you prepare.

The happiest retirees are those that live a life full of purpose and meaning. The aim is to go to bed being grateful for today, and excited for tomorrow.