Does the choice of aged care facility affect how much I will pay for care?

How much you pay for accommodation will depend on the facility you choose.

This is much the same as buying a house where you may pay more for a house that is bigger or in a better location or with better facilities.

You are now able to compare the cost of accommodation for all facilities on the government website

The basic daily care fee is the same for all residents in all facilities because it is a flat fee set at 85% of the basic rate of single age pension (indexed every six months).

The amount you will pay for the means-tested fee depends on your income and assets, not the facility you choose to live in.

Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs will calculate your assessable income and assets and use a formula to work out the fee you will be asked to pay.

The fees for any extras you choose to use in a facility will vary and you can ask for a schedule of fees to decide if you wish to pay for them.

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