What if I can’t afford the accommodation payment?

If you have low levels of income and assets you might qualify as a low-means resident.

The amount you pay towards your accommodation will be based on your income and assets.

As a general rule, you are only likely to qualify if you do not own your own home or if your spouse or other protected person will continue living in your home and you have income and assets under certain thresholds.

A protected person includes carers or close family members who qualify for income support from Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs and have already lived in your home for at least two years as a carer or five years for a close family member.

If you think you might be eligible you will need to fill in the Centrelink/Veterans’ Affairs income and assets form.

Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs will assess your income and assets to determine whether you qualify as a low-means resident.

If you do qualify you should ask your chosen facility whether a place is available for a low-means resident and check the fees that you will be asked to pay for your accommodation.

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