Get Super Advice

With the parallel pandemics of Covid-19 and resultant economic turmoil – its understandable to be concerned about your Super.

Super funds invest across a range of assets, and depending on your choice, it is likely yours will have exposure to assets whose prices have been tumbling recently due to the uncertainty the world is in.

It is unknowable how deep, or how long the falls and volatility will last.

But unless you believe it’s the end of the world, then you should believe that we will get through this – not unscathed – but we will get through. And when we do, prices of quality assets will rise.

It is rarely a good outcome selling assets AFTER their price has fallen. This only locks in losses.

For younger people where retirement is many years away any ongoing contributions are buying assets at low prices right now.

For those closer to retirement, or already retired – hopefully you have allowed enough Cash for a reasonable length of time so that you are not forced to sell quality assets right now.

Everyone is in a different situation, so I recommend you meet with your adviser and ask about the quality of your super fund, the quality of the investment options chosen, and confirm the right action – if any – for you.

Making short term decisions in panic mode for a well thought out long term plan is never a good idea.

Industry funds are reporting unadvised members are requesting millions of dollars to be shifted to Cash right now. This is not an action that prevents losses, it actually creates losses.

The key is to seek advice about your personal situation.

In turbulent times it is natural to be concerned but don’t be panicked into making the wrong financial decisions.