The Real Cost of Money

Too many people pay too little attention to the effects of inflation. We are lulled into a false sense of security by commentators talking about our current low inflation environment. We forget however, that this years cost increases are added to last years, and so forth. The compounding effect of inflation is very scary over[…]

Get Super Advice

With the parallel pandemics of Covid-19 and resultant economic turmoil – its understandable to be concerned about your Super. Super funds invest across a range of assets, and depending on your choice, it is likely yours will have exposure to assets whose prices have been tumbling recently due to the uncertainty the world is in.[…]

Run your own Super Fund

The Australian Tax Office statistics show that the number of self-managed super funds continues to grow, with the number of self managed funds now in existence in Australia around 600,000. In total, self-managed super funds (SMSFs) hold some $747 billion in assets for 1.1 million members. Interestingly, SMSFs tend to invest conservatively, with approx 30[…]

Financial White Ants

Just like those pesky insects that can slowly destroy your home without you realising it, sometimes we humans white ant our own financial security without realising it either. You speak to a friend who has owed you money for a long time, but again you are too embarrassed to ask him to pay it back.[…]

Dealing with a Redundancy

The restructure of a business may lead to a reduction in staff numbers and redundancies. If you are affected, you may experience a range of emotions from shock and anger to relief and hope. Whilst a redundancy may provide you with a substantial financial windfall if you have been a long-term employee, careful consideration should[…]