Who Cares?

The cost of care is a major policy issue for Australia during the coming decades. Currently one in 8 Australians provides some form of care to children, or elderly or disabled people. Most carers are women, and we expect too much from them. We face a double-edged demographic sword as our population ages – not[…]

Invest against the Momentum

Understanding the powerful forces created by momentum may help you make buying and selling decisions. In the long term, investment markets are usually driven by sound economic fundamentals such as yields and valuations. However, in the short term, markets swing erratically between being undervalued and overvalued because of human emotions and sentiment. Some call these[…]

Super Returns

Choosing the right investment option within your super fund is a key ingredient to achieving your retirement cash flow needs. Most super funds have a broad range of investment options to choose from, ranging from secure options for those nearing retirement, to more aggressive options for those with many years to go before they can[…]

Negative vs Positive Gearing

In investment terms, gearing means borrowing to invest. Negative gearing occurs when the income from the investment, for example rental from property, is less than the expenses incurred in owning that property. Expenses include the interest on the loan and not the principal repayment. They also include other running expenses such as for example insurance[…]