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Just Starting Out

I’ve finally finished my education and have started out on my new career. It’s exciting times – finally have my own cash to do the things I want to, buy the things I want to buy, go on holidays…

Got Commitments

I’m no longer the newbie at work. I’m knuckling down on my career. My income has increased from when I first started out, but it’s getting harder to save as I’ve got commitments…

Thinking About Retirement

Thinking about retirement – Kids are (almost) off my hands, mortgage is (almost) paid off – I should be able to start saving a bit more now – older people than me at work are…


Finally. Now I have the time to do the things I want to do, when I want to do them. How long will my money last? Am I eligible for an Age Pension? How do I invest my money to…

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Our approach is designed to bring you a sense of personal balance and confidence in your financial future.
Maurice Nistico
Senior Financial Planner
Representative of Hood Sweeney Securities Pty Ltd AFSL No. 220897 | ABN 40 081 455 165
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Nicolle Carter
Adviser Support
Nicolle’s role is to help provide prompt answers to your questions, and to help you simplify your paperwork and deal with your other financial institutions.


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